BITCOIN 640.565 (08:40 22.10)
BitCoin/CNY 4334.000 (08:40 22.10)
GBP/USD FUTURE 1.223020 (08:40 22.10)
OIL (BRENT) FUTURE 51.9013 (08:40 22.10)
EUR/JPY FUTURE 113.0417 (08:40 22.10)
AUD/USD FUTURE 0.760759 (08:40 22.10)
USD/JPY FUTURE 103.8511 (08:40 22.10)
EUR/USD FUTURE 1.088417 (08:40 22.10)
BITCOIN 640.681 (08:20 22.10)
BitCoin/CNY 4334.785 (08:20 22.10)
GBP/USD FUTURE 1.223020 (08:20 22.10)
OIL (BRENT) FUTURE 51.9045 (08:20 22.10)
EUR/JPY FUTURE 113.0418 (08:20 22.10)



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